Securus Group Selected as Security Provider for RNC / DNC

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Securus Group Selected as Security Provider for RNC / DNC

Jacksonville, FL -- Jun 9, 2012 -- After months of interviews and stringent background checks, The Securus Group of Jacksonville, FL has finally been accepted as an approved vendor for contract security and personal protection services during the 2012 Republican National Convention being held in Tampa, FL.

"Being able to provide these critical security and protection services to the delegates represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for The Securus Group," said President and CEO, Mike Hickman. "Once we were approved for the list of vendors, the calls for our services became overwhelming. We were immediately contacted by no less than 30 different businesses and politicians in the Tampa area."

With only 100 days until the actual convention, there is much work to do. The Securus Group is diligently working to put professional teams in place for the various events and attendees. The client base for the convention includes private individuals, large businesses, and politicians.

"We are extremely confident in our ability to provide top-level professional service," said Director of Operations, Lenny Whetsel, "but it is still a daunting task!" However, with his years of experience in the Federal Witness Protection Program, Mr. Whetsel said he will have no problem organizing an event of this magnitude.

"After being in business only a short time, we are honored and proud to be part of this historical event. We are looking forward to working closely with federal, state and local authorities to make this a safe and productive convention," Mr. Hickman stated.

The Securus Group is a privately-held security, investigations, and training company started in 2009 and based in Jacksonville, FL. With clients throughout the state of Florida, The Securus Group is trusted, credible, and respected and is rapidly becoming the leader in contract security services in the northeast Florida area. Please visit The Securus Group for more information about the company.

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