Differences at Securus Group

Jacksonville Security Company - Differences

The Securus Group, a growing Jacksonville Security Company, believes that the manner in which our industry has usually chosen to conduct itself only promotes mediocrity. Similarly, typical methods for security officer wage determination encourage lower standards of behavior and professionalism. They also drive out talent. This unsatisfactory structure, or lack of it, prompted the development of a performance-based wage structure. Simply conveyed, security officers are compensated not on tenure but on continued performance that promotes an environment that rewards officers displaying professional conduct and ambition.

Our approach is simple, motivating, and beneficial to the client interests that the Securus Group's officers are charged to care for. Real professional development and career paths lead to a more consistent delivery of quality services; more engaged and aware officers concerned with client reputation. This single minded client focus only further enhances the client's view of The Securus Group's officer's value.

We Are Different

The Securus Group has a straightforward compensation structure: pay for performance, not automatically based on time in the job. We execute our pay structure divided into several tiers related to associated levels of proven competence and service by the security officer or security supervisor. Their first year sees the greatest amount of increase to their starting rate. This is done to convey to the security officer visible proof of the pay for performance philosophy we have at The Securus Group. All performance is measured and compensated based on our standards and our clients' expectations. Security Officers and Security Supervisors are judged on demonstrated competencies, professionalism, attendance, superior security skills, customer-service knowledge and actual customer-relations.

Unparalleled Level of Responsiveness

We learn about our customer's business - its culture, needs, issues, nuances and philosophy and then integrate this into our business processes. We recruit and select only those candidates who reflect what's important at our client's sites and who embrace the values of our company and our client's company. When there is a service issue, we immediately respond, hold people accountable, fix the problem and then determine its root cause so it doesn't happen again. Our mission is to provide responsive and legendary service.

Giving Your Options Back

While our competitors offer inferior products and "one-size-fits-all" service, we seek to understand our customer’s business-related needs and create unique service solutions that reflect these requirements. Using our Client Culture Review, for instance, we identify the key characteristics that reflect your unique culture and the specific security needs at your properties. We then translate these into a customized recruiting profile and behavioral interview questions that ensure a match between your organization and our security officers. This match yields greater customer satisfaction, improves security guard retention and loyalty, and strengthens your protective services program.

Don't settle for the impersonal service, "one-size-fits-all" products, and poorly trained security officers offered by the contract security industry today. Instead, choose the personalized service, customized solutions, and well-trained and motivated personnel that only The Securus Group can and will offer. We can bring a new dimension to your protective services program, increase the safety of your facilities and, ultimately, create a feeling of greater protection and satisfaction among your own employees, visitors, vendors and guests.

In Summary

There is a long-standing perception in the security industry that the level of service that security companies provide is determined by the degree of rigor in the client's contract management. If a client takes an active and thoughtful approach to the selection, negotiation, and contract management process, it can drive security firms to improve their level of service. We want to do a good job for our customers and we take providing protective and patrol services seriously. Call us today and learn what makes us different from our competitors.