Security Guard Staffing Solutions

Security Guard Staffing Solutions

At Securus Group, we believe a security company is only as good as its people. Therefore, we strive to employ and retain a talented team of security guards and specialists who are most qualified to hold positions of trust and responsibility. Securus Group's approach to staffing solutions begins with a careful scouting and selection process, and continues through the various stages of hiring and training. We utilize a number of staffing solutions resources to pick the very best security talent available in our market. We are extremely thorough in our hiring processes and during the different phases of employee training.

Specifically, we conduct a variety of background checks, pre-employment drug testing, drug screening and other continuing-employment screening products and services. Once assigned to a customer's facility, each Securus Group security officer receives extensive on-site training specific to their assignment which thoroughly familiarizes the officer with all of the duties required for his/her particular assignment. 

For Employers

The Securus Group Officer Referral Program is a comprehensive vetting platform to help security companies quickly locate and hire Security Officers that have already undergone complete background checks, drug tests, and reference checks. The Securus Group maintains a database of highly-qualified trained Security Officers that have completed all of the necessary security checks that security companies look for in their employees. Security companies spend a lot of money on recruitment, background checks, and reference checks.

The Securus Group can provide security officers that have already completed all of these steps for a significant savings. We offer qualified Security Officers on a one-time referral fee per officer or you can pay a monthly fee with unlimited referrals, depending on your needs. Contact The Securus Group for more information. Our staffing solutions programs can be tailored to fit your need.

For Employees

The Securus Group is always looking for well-qualified Security Officers that are licensed, able to pass extensive background checks, and looking to be placed with reputable and stable companies. Applicants should be well-groomed, professional, and job knowledgeable. We accept applicants that are just starting their careers in security and veteran Security Officers, as well. If you are currently licensed as a Security Officer in Florida and would like more information on our job placement and staffing solutions services, call us today.