Philosophy at Securus Group

Jacksonville Security Guards - Professionalism

The Securus Group takes providing protective services very seriously, as we are responsible for the protection of people, property, and assets. Our Jacksonville Security Guards are required to wear professional uniforms, employ professional tactics, complete professional officer development schooling, prepare professional daily activity logs, and represent our clients in a professional manner.

Above all else, a good first impression ends with the security officer being an expert in keeping clients safe and giving precise directions within clients’ buildings. Our security officers will report for duty on time, ready for work, looking sharp at all times, enforcing all policies and procedures, dealing with everyday situations while being helpful and focused on protective services.

Jacksonville Security Guards - Mission Statement

The mission of the Securus Group is to build customer loyalty by consistently providing every client with security, protection, and service rendered by highly dedicated and professionally trained officers.

Jacksonville Security Guards - Responsiveness & Dependability

Responsiveness and dependability are two qualities that differentiate Securus Group from the regional and multinational private security firms. Large security firms often lack responsiveness while smaller companies lack the resources necessary to provide effective and reliable security services. Securus Group's hands-on management team and extensive field supervision force are structured to react quickly, knowledgeably, and effectively to any security challenge or concern. When choosing us, rest assured that our exemplary staff of licensed security officers will deliver an unsurpassed level of responsiveness and dependability.