Security Guard Employment

Security Guard Employment

At The Securus Group, we are constantly growing and expanding our services. We employ several security officers in the northeast Florida area. Our plan is to expand our services throughout the state of Florida and Georgia. We are always accepting applications for well-qualified security officers.

At Securus Group, you will receive an interview and be considered for immediate employment. We have a job and a career for you at one of the most respected security services agencies. Our security officers work for our company because we are a caring company, committed to training our officers, paying living wages, and we have a respected management team. Many officers come to our company to gain experience before entering the law enforcement field.

We have positions at professional office buildings, manufacturing facilities, hotels, hospitals, industrial accounts, financial institutions, and local government contracts. To apply for immediate positions we ask that you come to our local office, fill out an application and complete the interview process. You are welcome to download the application and complete it before coming to our office.

Why You Should Consider Us

Our professionalism and the real opportunity for promotion are the cornerstones of our organization. A typical officer has two fundamental levels of employees: officer and managers. They normally hire managers from outside the company to sell and manage accounts and the guard personnel, while they hire the guards off the street who are left with low pay, no benefits, no training and worst of all, no support or the slightest opportunity for promotion. The result of this is a substandard way with no chance for a career. We really believe that even the newest security officer must have a true opportunity for a career and advancement. Otherwise, there is no reason to stay with a job permanently and commit to our organization.