Jacksonville Uniformed Security Guards

Jacksonville Uniformed Security Officers

Every community and business has reason to consider professional our Jacksonville uniformed security officers. If you own a business, you are certainly aware of the monetary impact and damages of a burglary. If you own a home and/or have children, the safety of your loved ones and possessions is of utmost importance. Whether you are considering additional security for your business or your community, trained uniformed security officers from The Securus Group will provide the safety and security you need. Our uniformed officers are-well trained and professional, and will carry out a variety of duties to ensure your security.

Unarmed Uniformed Security Officers

Jacksonville uniformed security officers provide a visual deterrent to crime simply by the presence of the officer. The Securus Group prides itself on the professionalism and appearance of all of our uniformed officers. A suspect will less likely commit a crime in the presence of a security officer that is more equipped and whose uniform is crisp and professional rather than an entry level guard wearing screen printed polo shirt who does not appear to be a professional at all.

Visibility is a powerful crime deterrent. By their presence alone, Securus Group's uniformed officers can help enhance your employees' safety and reduce the risk of vandalism or theft on your property. Securus Group's uniformed security officers services are customized to meet your unique needs. Our uniformed officers are trained to support you in a variety of ways and are available for permanent or temporary coverage.

Armed Uniformed Security Officers

The Securus Group believes armed uniformed officers are the best form of crime prevention. When you're in need of armed security, our security professionals are available for as little as a few hours to an ongoing basis. We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. Our officers have extensive experience necessary to meet your security needs.

We believe an effective training program is the best way to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. Our uniformed officers present a clean, crisp image and conduct themselves with pride and a positive and professional image to the public. Our officers are trained to stop and apprehend suspects who are threatening the safety of others. If the need arises for additional help, our officers can summon other officers and supervisors through our continually staffed dispatch communication center.


Some of the responsibilities of our armed and unarmed uniformed officers include:
  • Foot patrols
  • Vehicle patrols
  • Crowd Control
  • Parking lot checks
  • Registration Areas
  • Overnight Security
  • Professional response to emergency situations
  • Conducting safety and fire watch
  • Interior and/or exterior checks
  • Performing set patrols or random patrol patterns
  • Helping to promote a safe workplace environment
Our patrol officers help to deter vandalism, theft and trespassers on your property. Should the need arise, our patrol personnel will coordinate with local law enforcement.


While a good patrol officer is always on the move, that same quality makes it challenging to track his or her actions. The Securus Group will provide you with detailed accounts of each patrol, including:

  • Detailed written instructions in post orders
  • Written reports and activity logs when situations are as expected
  • Incident reports when patrol check points are out of the ordinary
  • Tour reports for documentation and invoice backups
  • Registration Areas
  • Overnight Security