Fire Watch Security Guard Services

Jacksonville Fire Watch Security Guard Services

Fire watch is a safety precaution that no company, institute, venue or other business, and no home can go without. Also, no event can go without good fire watch services provided by a trustworthy, responsible fire watch guard. After all, it is a matter of life for the persons involved in those events, and they need to be safe from every point of view: including the fire watch precaution!

During the fire watch rounds, the well-trained, experienced and professional fire watch personnel performs a careful inspection of all problems areas that might put people at risk, and after the proper inspection, tell their recommendations and start fixing the problems. 

When Do You Need Fire Watch Services?

Fire Watch Services, or Fire Prevention Services, are needed by individual people in their houses and apartments, but mostly by event organizers as well as by institutes, hotel owners, venue owners etc. This is true especially in the following situations:

  • Your sprinklers or fire alarm are down
  • You have a new construction site without fire prevention system installed
  • The Fire Marshall required you to establish a fire watch
  • You are organizing a small or great event and you need to make sure that the fire prevention system works well and will protect from any danger
  • You have recently started your business at your hotel/restaurant/club etc. and you want to be sure that the fire alarm works well and fire won't put any worker's or any customer’s life at risk
  • Your new home doesn't have a fire prevention system and you need a professional's advice on it

The situations above are only some of the numerous cases in which you might need expert fire watch services performed by fire watch guards who know their security fire watch duties well. Feel free to contact us anytime you need us to provide peace of mind to all involved in your event, or when you want to make sure your home is safe from fire.

What Training is Involved?

All Fire Watch service employees are licensed Security Officers and meet or exceed all requirements set forth by the Florida Division of Licensing. Each fire watch employee will receive CPR, First Aid and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) certification prior to being placed in the client's work environment. Because they are crossed-trained, concierge security officers are aware of safety and security situations and their ramifications. Additionally, these individuals would be available to work as security officers to assist in times of elevated situations such as disasters and special events.